Below are a few of the Harrisburg area breweries from back in the old days. Breweries like Fink, Graupner, Keystone, and York were just some of the major breweries in the area. Check back later as I will be adding more breweries to the list along with reference photos.

Fink Brewing Company

312/320 Forster & James Street, Harrisburg, PA
Barnitz Brewery 1854
Fink & Boyer 1862-1875
Keystone Brewery 1875-1909
Fink Brewing Co. 1909-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Fink Brewing Co. 1933-1934

Closed in 1934
Status of the building: Demolished.

Beer Produced: Fink’s Derby Ale | Fink’s Derby Cream Ale | Fink’s Pilsner Style Beer | Fink’s Bock Beer | Fink’s Hercules Porter | Fink’s Wurzburger Lager Beer | Fink’s Ale | Fink’s Beer | Fink’s Near Beer | Purple Ribbon Beer

Graupner Brewing Company

829/841 Market & 10th Streets, Harrisburg, PA
Centennial Brewery 1875-1893
Graupner & Bauer 1893-1893
Centennial Brewery 1893-1895
Harrisburg Consumers Brewing and Bottling Co. 1895-1903
Graupner Brewery 1903-1905
Estate of Robert H. Graupner 1905-1910
Robert H. Graupner’s Brewery 1910-1911
Graupner’s Brewery 1911-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition 1920
Robert Graupner Manufacturing 1920-1933

Prohibition Ends!

Robert H. Graupner’s Brewery 1933-1935
Robert H. Graupner, Inc. 1935-1951

Closed in 1951
Status of the building: Unknown.

Beer Produced: Graupner’s Bock | Jolly Scot Ale | Silver Stock Beer | Graupner’s Porter | Graupner’s Beer | Jolly Scot Beer | Old German Beer | Tyrolean Beer | Old Graupner Beer | Brewers Best Beer

Keystone Brewing Company

50 South Queen Street, York, PA
Andrew Schlegel 1863-1873
Keystone Brewery 1873-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Helb’s Keystone Brewery 1933-1950

Closed in 1950
Status of the building: Unknown.

Beer Produced: Colonial Special Beer | Helb’s Holiday Special Beer | Helb’s Lager Beer | Helbs Pilsener Beer | Helbs Bock | York Beer | Keystone Pale Dry Ginger Ale

York Brewing Company

380 West Norway Street, York, PA
York Brewing Co. 1893-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

York Brewing Co. 1934-1935
Cooper Brewing Co. 1935-1936

Closed in 1938
Status of the building: Still standing; currently used by the Market & Penn Farmers Market.

Beer Produced: Standard Lager Beer

Charles Zaph Brewing Company

Millerstown, PA
Charles Zaph & Co. Brewery 1875 – 1901
Diamond Brewery 1901 – 1904
Charles Zaph & Co. Brewery 1904 – 1909
Charles Zaph Brewery 1909 – 1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Closed in 1920
Status of building: Unknown.

Miners Brewing Company

Millerstown, PA
Miners Brewing Co. 1890 – 1890
Miners Brewing Co. 1904 – 1906
Union Brewing Co. 1906 – 1907

Closed in 1907
Status of building: Unknown.