Below are a few of the Lebanon area breweries from back in the old days. Breweries like Lebanon Valley and Iron City were just some of the major breweries in the area. Check back later as I will be adding more breweries to the list along with reference photos.

Lebanon Valley Brewing Company

840 North 7th Street, Lebanon, PA
Lebanon Brewery 1856-1893
New Lebanon Brewing Co. 1893-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Lebanon Valley Brewing Co. 1934-1959

Closed in 1959
Status of the building: Currently used by Delval Equipment Corp. (Boiler Manufacturer)

Beer Produced: Half & Half | Porter | Ale | Bock | Pilsner | 12 Vat Ale | 12 Vat Beer | Penngold Beer | Circle Beer | Export Extra Ale | Export Extra Beer | Beverage Shop Beer | P. B. Class A Ale | P. B. Class A Bock | P. B. Class A Beer | Malta Lily Malta | Manhattan Beer | Pennsy Premium Beer | Davis Beer | Raritan Club Beer | Gold Mug Beer | Silver Mug Beer | Old German Ale | Old German Bock | Old German Beer | Pennsylvania Dutch Ale | Pennsylvania Dutch Bock | Pennsylvania Dutch Beer | Davidsons Beer | Old India Beer | Shore Club Beer

Iron City Brewing Company

North 8th & Mechanic Streets, Lebanon, PA
Iron City Brewing Co. 1889-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

P. & H. Brewing Co. 1933-1934

Closed in 1934
Status of the building: Demolished.

Union Brewing Company

216/220 North 12th Street, Lebanon, PA
Union Brewing Co. 1891-1898
Charles & Gustav Schneider, Union Brewery 1898-1901
Chas. F. Schneider, Union Brewery 1901-1906
aka; Schneider Brewery 1901-1906
Schneider Brewing Co. 1906-1910

Closed in 1910
Status of the building is unknown.