Below are a few of the Reading area breweries from back in the old days. Breweries like Reading, Sunshine, Deppen, and Lauer were just some of the major breweries in the area. Check back later as I will be adding more breweries to the list along with reference photos.

Reading Brewing Company

9th & Little Laurel Streets, Reading, PA
Reading Brewing Co. 1886-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920
Issued permit for the production of non-alcoholic beverages during Prohibition in 1920
Health Beverage Co. 1920-1933

Prohibition Ends!

The Old Reading Brewery, Inc. 1933-1965
Dutch Country Brewing Co. 1961-1965
Reading Brewing Co. 1961-1965
The Reading Brewery 1965-1976

Closed in 1976

Status of the building: Partially demolished, bottle house and administration buildings still stands to this day.

Beer Produced: Old Reading Bock | Old Reading Ale | Old Reading Cream Ale | Old Reading Lager Beer | Old Reading Beer | Old Reading Porter | Old Reading Half & Half | Old Reading Golden Dry | Old Reading Premium Quality | Bru-Joy Ale | Bru-Joy Bock | Bru-Joy Porter | Bru-Joy Beer | Bru-Joy Half & Half | Berkshire Ale | Pale Reserve Beer | Class A Bock | Class A Half & Half | Class A Beer | Yorktown Beer | Manheim Beer | Prizer Beer | Munter Bräu Beer | Mardi Gras Malt Liquor | Bialy Orzel Beer | Bergheim Beer | Reading Ale | Reading Premium Beer

Sunshine Brewing Company

Hockley, West Elm & Gordon Streets, Reading, PA
Peter Barbey & Son 1880-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Barbey’s Inc. 1933-1951
Sunshine Brewing Co. 1951-1970
– Esslinger, Inc. 1967-1970
– Jamaica Brewing Co. 1964-1966
– Muhlheim Brewing Co. 1962-1968
– Playmate Brewing Co. 1967-1968 – Sued by Playboy Enterprises

Closed in 1970

Status of the building: Demolished during the 1970’s. Click here to view a video of the brewery demolition.

Beer Produced: Sunshine Cream Ale | Sunshine Porter | Sunshine Sparkling Ale | Sunshine Bavarian Beer | Sunshine Extra Light Beer | Sunshine Extra Dry | Sunshine Light Beer | Sunshine Ale | Sunshine Bock | Sunshine Porter | Sunshine Beer | Sunshine Special Dark Beer | Playmate Malt Liquor | Playmate Beer | Jamaica Sun | Muhlheim | Town & Country Malt Liquor | Bull’n Barrel Stein Lager

Deppen Brewing Company

341 North 3rd Street, Reading, PA
Deppen Brewing Co. 1901-1920

Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Deppen Manufacturing Co. 1933-1937

Closed in 1937
Status of the building: Main brewhouse still standing to this day. Currently being used by an Electric Supply Company.

Beer Produced: Deppen’s Dark | Deppen’s Lager | Deppen’s Pilsener | Deppen’s Special Brew | Ramona Brew | Deppen’s Ale | Deppen’s Bock | Deppen’s Ale | Deppen’s Beer | Deppens Porter | Queen Quality Porter | Queen Quality Beer | Bob Ale | Bob Beer | Ramona Ale | Buzz Beer | Edinburgh Ale

Lauer Brewing Company

North 3rd & Walnut Streets, Reading, PA
George Lauer 1826-1847
Frederick Lauer, Plant 1 1847-1882
Lauer Brewing Co., Plant 1 1882-1902
Lauer Brewing Co., Plant 2 1882-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Closed in 1920
Status of the building: Demolished in 1942.  Lauer’s Park Elementary School was built where the brewery used to be.

Beer Produced: German Beer

Roehrich & Raab Brewing Company

38 South 7th Street, Reading, PA
Abraham Peltzer 1873-1882
Peltzer & Flaig 1882-1886
Abraham Peltzer 1886-1890
Roehrich & Raab 1890-1903
Purchased by Deppen Brewing Co. 1903

Closed in 1903
Status of the building: Unknown.

Beer Produced: Porter | Bock Beer

Fisher Brewing Company

2000 North 11th Street, Reading, PA
Stocker & Roehrich 1891-1897
John C. Stocker 1897-1904
Estate of John C, Stocker 1904-1906
Fairview Brewery 1906-1912
Mt Penn Brewing Co. 1912-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Fisher Brewing Co. 1928-1934
Fisher Brewery 1928-1934
Woerner Brewery 1937-1938
Adam C. Jaeger Brewing Co. 1942-1943

Closed in 1943
Status of the building: Currently being used as Keystone Printing’s Print Shop.

Beer Produced: Fisher’s Grand Old Beer

Boyertown Brewing Company

128 East Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown, PA
Boyertown Brewing Co. 1934-1947
Boyertown Brewing Corp. 1947-1953

Closed in 1953
Status of the building: Still standing; brewhouse is currently used by The Other Farm Brewing Company.

Beer Produced: Boyertown Porter | Boyertown Ale | Boyertown Beer | Maser Beer

Muhlenberg Brewing Company

2601 Kutztown RoadReadingPA
Muhlenberg Brewing Co. 1895-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Prohibition Ends!

Munich Brewery 1934-1934

Closed in 1934
Status of the building: Still standing today.  Currently used by Excelsior Blower Systems Inc.

Pottstown Brewing Company

Kanatawney Street & Hanatawney Bridge, Pottstown, PA
Joseph M. Selinger 1886-1888
Hardock & Voelker 1888-1889
Pottstown Brewery 1889-1893
Pottstown Brewing Co. 1897-1913
Froelich Brewing Co. 1913-1920
Brewery operations shut down during Prohibition in 1920

Closed in 1920
Status of the building: Unknown.

Beer Produced: M&H Our Porter | Pottstown Export Beer | Pottstown XXX Porter

Herman Floto Brewing Company

47 South 7th St, Reading, PA
Herman Floto Brewery 1814-1832

Closed in 1832
Status of the building: Demolished.

Osterhaut Brewing Company

735 Penn St, Reading, PA
David C. Keller Brewery 1875-1877
Cloud Hotel & Brewery 1877-1880
Keller & Schaeffer Brewery 1880-1884
Keller & Eyring Brewery 1884-1888
Otto Eyring Brewery 1888-1893
Edward H. Gaul Brewery 1893-1895
Rich C. Osterhaut Brewery 1895-1900

Closed in 1900
Status of the building: Demolished.

Keystone Brewing Company

4th & Elm St, Reading, PA
Keystone Brewery 1871-1874
Reiser & Rudolph Heintz Brewery 1874-1874

Closed in 1874
Status of the building: Unknown.

Heidelberg Brewing Company

131 South 2nd St, Reading, PA
Heidelberg Brewery 1860-1872

Closed in 1872
Status of the building: Unknown.

Hoch Brewing Company

Penn Street Below 6th, Reading, PA
John Spohn 1780-1798
Joseph Hoch 1798-1867

Closed in 1867
Status of the building: Unknown.

Seidel Brewing Company

86 East Penn St, Reading, PA
John L. Borell 1843-1861
Henry Seidel 1861-1863
Levi L. Bertolet 1863-1865
Henry Seidel 1865-1870

Closed in 1870
Status of the building: Unknown.

Bright Brewing Company

4th Street between Franklin and Chestnut, Reading, PA
Henry Eckert 1763-1766
John Spohn 1766-1775
Jacob Bright 1775-1826

Closed in 1826
Status of the building: Unknown.

Wisler Brewing Company

Reading, PA
Jacob Wisler 1858-1866

Closed in 1866
Status of the building: Unknown.

Schick and Fett Bottling Company

Reading, PA
John Fehr 1850 – 1855
Herman Floto 1855 – 1864
Schick and Fett 1864 – 1887
J. Fett and Sons 1887 – 1890

Closed in 1890
Status of the building: Unknown.