Rochester, NY
The Bastian Brothers Company was founded in 1895 located in Rochester, NY. The company was incorporated as Bastian Bros. Co. initially operating as a jewelry store. Shortly after it’s founding, Bastian Brothers Co. became one of the first companies in the Rochester, NY area to become a union shop and continues to this day as a totally unionized company

Since the company started in 1895, the Bastian Brothers Company made a name for itself for its quality and craftsmanship in the production of jewelry, lapel pins, medallions, paperweights, automotive decorative emblems, match safes, sniff containers, pocket knives, ball tap knobs, tin signs, and round button signs. It was this exact recognition that attracted the interest of various breweries from all over the United States; and contacted the company to produce eye-catching items.

Bastian Bros Co produced a variety of advertising round beer button signs, tin-over-cardboard (TOC) signs, beer ball tap knobs, and other smalls for breweries like Busch, Glueks, Pilsener, Ekhardt & Becker, Strohz, Acme, Carlings, and Burkhardt’s just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Bastian Bros. Co. signs and ball tap knobs:

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