1035 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA
The Brilliant Manufacturing Co. opened in 1865 as a sign manufacturer and engraving company.  The Brilliant Manufacturing Co. made various advertisement signs like porcelain enamel signs and reverse-painted glass signs. They also made porcelain enamel license plates also known as license tags for a lot of east coast states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York as well as porcelain enamel telephone signs.  For a short time the Brilliant Mfg. Co. even made graphic advertising beer trays for a few breweries including the F&S Brewery “Cultivate the Habit – A Perfect Bottle Beer” Beer Tray. They also made a variety of embossed cardboard hanger and tacker signs as well.

The Brilliant Mfg. Co. eventually closed is 1938 due to lack of business and competition from others sign companies. The original Brilliant Manufacturing Company building is still standing to this day but used as apartments.

The Brilliant Manufacturing Company made various beer signs for breweries like Barbey’s Inc. Sunshine, Scheidts, Valley Forge, Prior, Lebanon, Yuengling, Pottstown, Muhlenberg, Lauer, Elk, Bartels, and Erie just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Brilliant Manufacturing Co. signs:

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