York & Freeman Ave, Cincinnati, OH / Main Lane, New York City, NY
The Brunhoff Manufacturing Company was founded in 1890 in Cincinnati, OH. The company was a full service sign manufacturing company; they also held many unique patents to all of their signage designs.

Point-Of-Purchase advertising items was what the company was most famous for; among these POP items were a variety of cigarette and cigar signs for the Tobacco industry like cigar cutters, change trays, ashtrays, and paperweights. They also specialized in creating eye-catching “Modern Displays” advertising counter and showcase signage like electric backlit signs with reverse-painted thick embossed glass faces. Some of these signs were mounted in small metal bodies while other being mounted in large barrel-shaped wooden bodies.

Other companies and industries hired the Brunhoff Manufacturing Company to create advertising signs for them too; among these companies was Coca Cola Soda Company. They also made a wide variety of bar bar signs for breweries as well.

The Brunhoff Mfg. Co. made various lighted beer signs for breweries like Old Reading, Barbey’s Inc. “Sunshine Beer”, Kaier’s, Neuweiler, Daeufer, Stegmaier, Duquesne “Silver Top”, National Bohemian, Miller, Pilsner POC, Wausau, Oertel’s, Bruck’s, and Jacob Ruppert just to name a few.

Brunhoff Mfg Co slowed production of advertising signs in the 1950’s in-part due to the growing competition of large department store advertising and television advertising that was prominent after WWII.  They eventually ceased operations and closed their doors for good on Jun 30, 1954.

Below are a few examples of Brunhoff Manufacturing Co. signs and ads:

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