Chicago, IL / Boston, MA / Baltimore, MD / New York, NY / Beaver Falls, PA
burdick enamel sign companyThe Burdick Enamel Sign Company was established is 1895 located in Chicago, IL. During that time, Burdick Enamel Sign Co. made a name for themselves for producing advertising signs for various industries and companies across the county; they also had 4 factories in major city’s across the county which included Chicago, Boston, New York, and Beaver Falls.  Some of the most well known Burdick signs produced were tin embossed signs, flat porcelain signs, and curved corner porcelain enamel signs.

Burdock produced signs for large companies like Pepsi Cola, Kellogg, Chevrolet, Ford, and John Deere. They also made porcelain enamel state license plates too.  Various breweries across the county took a liking to the signs Burdick Enamel Sign Company was producing too and decided to contract them to produced advertising sign for both their products as well as their brewery.  Among these were breweries like Miller, Coors, Hamms, Brazil, Rainier, Rahr’s, Lithia, and Potosi just to name a few.

Eventually the Burdick Sign Company closed in 1950 due to lack of business and shut its doors for good.

Below are a few examples of Burdick Enamel Sign Company signs:

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