Philadelphia, PA
The Me-Co Sign Company was established in the 1930’s era located in Philadelphia, PA.  Meco Signs was a manufacturer of large outdoor advertising signs.  Most of the signs that they produced at the time were large metal double-sided signs often lettered and/or outlined in neon tubing.  They also produced rounded ended signs known as bullnose signs. The signs that Meco produced were displayed on the outside above the entrance to the establishments as well as on light poles close by.

Me-Co Signs manufactured signs for various industries and companies across the country.  Among some of the most well known meco signs produced were for breweries to advertise both the brewery as well as the beer, ale, and porter products that they produced.

Just a few of the breweries that Me-Co Sign Co. produced signs for were brewers like Barbey’s Inc., Sunshine, Old Reading, Hornung, Yuengling, Kaier’s, Esslinger, Gibbons, and Stegmaier just to name a few.  Meco also produced large generalized metal and neon signs for bars, taverns, and distributors that would display generic words like BAR, TAVERN, BEER, WINE, and LIQUOR.

Below are a few examples of Me-Co signs:

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