North Bergen, NJ
The main product line for Colonial Neon Co. Inc. during the 1920s through the 1950s was a wide variety of lighted neon signs used for advertising as well as general lighting fixtures for commercial clients. They even made and installed the clubhouse lighting for the Yonkers Raceway horserace track back in the 1950’s. With the repeal of national Prohibition in 1933, Colonial Neon Company Inc. saw a promising market in developing glass neon advertising signs for the large numbers of breweries that were now back in business and looking to get ahead of the crowd to advertise their brewery and products.

The difference between a regular neon sign and a Colonial neon sign is all how they were built and the style they used; most of the signs they made were considered bar back signs. Bar back neon signs would have been displayed behind the bar, up on shelves, or atop of a cash register.  The overall style and design of the sign was reminiscent of the art deco era.  Colonial made neon signs with hidden transformers built into the base sometimes back-lite base as well as illuminated protruding neon letters.  Some of their bases has fancy reverse painted glass in them that would sometimes be illuminated. They would also have die-cut letters placed behind the neon letters onto of the sign. The look and style of these lights resemble those that were made by another advertising sign company called Biolite, Inc. from NY who made bubbler lighted signs around the same era.

The Colonial Neon Company made neon signs for breweries like Krueger, Piels, Ballentine, Hornungs, Ruppert, Knickerbacher, and Stegmaier just to name a few. They also made a variety of large double sided outdoor signs too but they are known for their bar back signs for the most party.

Below are a few examples of Colonial Neon Co. Inc. signs:

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