Crystal Manufacturing Co. Inc.Chicago, IL
The Crystal Manufacturing Co. Inc. was established by 3 partners in 1929 located in Chicago, IL.  The founders that established the company were three men by the names of Choen, Drich, and Johansson.  The main product line for the Crystal Manufacturing Co. Inc. during the 1930s through the 1950’s was a wide variety of  advertising signs for various industries and companies across the United States. The Crystal Manufacturing Co. Inc. was headquartered in Chicago, IL and also used the name Crystal Mfg. Inc. on some of their products. They were most famous for creating illuminated box signs with detailed eye-catching graphic on reverse-painted glass faces.

The Crystal Manufacturing Company Inc. made various beer signs for breweries like D. G. Yuengling, Duquesne, Dubois, Eilert’s, Rainier, Berkshire, Schlitz, Jacob Ruppert, Buffalo, Griesedieck Brothers, Kurth, Golden State, Northeast, and Fall City as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Crystal Manufacturing Company Inc. signs:

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