81 Third Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
The John L. Dawes & Sons Manufacturing Company was established in 1846 located in Pittsburgh, PA; they started out as a flask and bottle maker.  In 1883 they refined their skills and began to produce druggist bottle label and embossed glass signs. By 1891 they changed their company name to Dawes Manufacturing Company Inc (Dawes Mfg. Co.) and during that time they produced many curved and lens-like glass advertising signs for many companies and industries across the country.

The Dawes Manufacturing Company Inc was best known for making elegant and detailed curved round and curved retangular reverse-painted glass signs with elaborate metal frames for breweries too.  These signs would have been displayed both inside and outside of bars and taverns to advertise the brewery as well as certain beers that were produced.

The Dawe Mfg. Co. made various glass beer and brewery signs for breweries like Reading, Barbey’s Inc., Deppen, Yuengling’s, Anchor, Pabst, Schlitz, Olympia, Napa City, Enterprise, Petersen, Yosemite, Home, Buffalo, Duluth, Moose, Bellingham Bay, Leinenkugel, Los Angeles, Bluff City, California, Trimmers, Bakersfield, Moose, Duluth, Columbia, Schlitz, and Budweiser as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Dawe Mfg. Co. signs:

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