1100 Brook Ave / New York, NY
The Electro-Chemical Engraving Company was established in 1900 located in New York, NY. The Electro Chemical Engraving Company was most well known for manufacturing various advertising items like etched signs, trays, and bottle openers.  They produced products for a wide variety of industries and companies across the country including hotels, private clubs, soda makers, distributors, taverns, distilleries, and breweries.

Breweries were one of the major clients that hired Electro-Chemical Engraving Co. to produced advertising for. These items consisted of metal beer serving trays, metal signs, and a variety of bottle openers including the very collectible “sliders” sliding bottle openers. Among those brewers were breweries like Barbey’s Inc, Sunshine, Straub, Flock, F&S, Adam Scheidt, Philadelphia, Old Carnegie, Victor, Liberty, Stanton, Standard, Koehler, Stegmaier, Old Anchor, Pittsburgh, Old German, Cumberland, Moxie, Budweiser, Meyer, Central, Phoenix, Silver Top, Piels, Old Topper, Gunther, Croft, Old Export, Senate, Ruppert, Erin, Deer Park, Trommers, Edelweiss, Highlander, and Hensler just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Electro-Chemical Engraving Co. signs, trays, and openers:

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