Syracuse, NY
The Fisher Products Inc was established by Herman Fisher in the 1930’s era located in Syracuse, NY.  Fisher Prod. Inc. was most well known for the production of toys, games, and beer ball tap knobs.  The Beer ball tap knobs that they produced were a patented design with a bigger and bulkier design; these were known as True Name Beer Ball Tap Knobs.  The only other ball tap knob manufacturer competitors at the time were companies like Robbins Company and Crystalite Embedments Inc.

Various breweries across the country but mainly east coast area breweries took a liking to these new tap handles.  They hired Fisher Products Inc. to produce knobs to promote and advertise the beers they produced.  Breweries like Yuengling, Boyertown, Old Reading, Sunshine, Kaiers, Flock, Lockport, Fells, Stegmaier, Schmidt, Koehler, Hornung, Standard, Dubois, Graupner, Union, Hazleton, Koerber, Strohs, Phoenix, Cleveland Home, Carlings, Loewer, Gilt Top, Wolf, Koerber, New Philadelphia, Pioneer, Berghoff, Ebling, Monarch, Patrick Henry, Old Export, Queen City, Star, Wooden Shoe, Yankee, Camden, National Bohemian, Eichler, Congress, Old Dutch, Krueger, Fitzgerald, Blatz, Burger, Iroquois, E & B, Steber, Old Cockney, Goetz, Upper Sandusky, Red Top, Old Dobbin, Pixie, and Miller just to name a few.

Later in the 1930’s the Fisher Products Inc company merged and formed the toy manufacturer Fisher-Price.  Fisher-Price has been manufacturing toys since the late 1930’s and is still in operation to this day.

Below are a few examples of Fisher Products Inc beer ball tap knobs:

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