147 Duane St., New York, NY
The Giesse Glass Sign Works was established in 1905 located in New York, NY.  They were most well known for their detailed glass advertising signs. The signs that Giesse produced during that time was highly detailed etched, gold / copper / silver leaf,  and reverse-painted on thick pieces of glass. These signs were for indoor advertising and were often displayed on bar backs in taverns, hotels, and distributors to advertise a company or product.

Giesse Glass Sign Works created many beautiful and detailed glass signs for various companies and industries across the country; among the most well known industries were breweries, vineyards, cigar makers, and rye / whiskey / bourbon distilleries. Giesse Signs created reverse painted glass advertising signs for breweries like Jacob Ruppert, Piel Bros, Hinchcliffe’s, Braun Bros., Lion, Gibbons, Stegmaier, and D. G. Yuengling just to name a few.

Eventually Giesse Sign Works closed its doors for good in 1919.  They closed partially due to the lack of business caused by the oncoming national prohibition that was sweeping the nation and prohibiting the sale of alcohol from breweries and distilleries.

Below are a few examples of Giesse signs:

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