Beaver Falls, PA
The Ingram-Richardson Mfg Co. began business in 1901 by Louis Ingram and Ernest Richardson. The two men converted a struggling Enameled Iron Company located in Beaver Falls, PA into the porcelain-enamel giant. The company made various porcelain enamel items like  street signs and advertising signs. They made a big name for themselves producing porcelain enamel licenses plates for various states across the county.  They also manufactured panels for building exteriors of service stations, as well as table tops, refrigerators & stove parts, and other products for the home.

At the company’s peak, Ingram-Richardson employed over 1000 people and opened other manufacturing locations across the country.  Noted for their durability, Ing-Rich became one of the leading producers of porcelain enamel products in the U.S. and would continue making porcelain products. During World War II, the plant converted its operations to making armor plate for the American tanks.

They made porcelain signs for various industries as well as for breweries.  The signs they produced for breweries were top-of-the-line and very detailed often having up to 7 difference colors used.  They manufactured the porcelain graphic “skins” for outdoor “swinger” signs which would then be lettered and / or outlined in neon tubing.  They also made corner flange signs and curved corner signs for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

The Ingram-Richardson Manufacturing Company made various signs for breweries like Stegmaier, Barbey’s Inc, Ortliebs, Mauch Chunk, E. Robinson’s Sons, Susquehanna, Cold Springs, J & A Moeschlin, Hanley, Milwaukee, Schreihart, A. Schreiber, and Iroquois as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Ingram-Richardson Mfg. Co signs:

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