New York, NY
Kaufmann & Strauss sign company was established in 1890 located in New York, NY.   They made a name for themselves for the production of detailed lithograph paper signs, tin signs, factory scenes, plates, and trays for various industries and companies from across the country.

Among the most prominent industries in the Kaufmann Strauss portfolio of work was breweries. They made a variety of produces like shield signs, factory scenes, charger signs, die-cut signs, tip trays, and serving trays. Many of the signs and trays used stock graphics of victorian scenes as well as custom images of breweries, products, and logos.

Kaufmann & Strauss was contracted to produce advertising signs and trays for breweries like Reading Brewing Company, South Bethlehem Supreme Brewery, Bartels Brewery, Erie Brewery, National Brewing Company, Jos. Doelger’s Sons, Maiers Brewery, Anheuser-Busch Budweiser, Fehr’s Brewing Company, and Wielands Brewery as well as many more.

Kaufmann and Strauss eventually shutdown operations and closed in 1930.  Their closure was partially due to the lack of business attributed from the national prohibition that shut down breweries across the county.

Below are a few examples of Kaufmann Strauss signs and trays:

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