Cincinnati, OH
The Lackner Sign Company located in Cincinnati, OH started in business in 1927. The Lackner Sign Company made a wide variety of neon lighted signs for various industries and companies.  Most of there signs consisted of an etched reverse-painted glass graphic with neon tubing around the glass on the front and  a metal body wired up to a transformer or ballast.  Some of the most famous signs Lackner produced was elborate neon lighted signs for the Coca Cola Company and the Pepsi Cola Company. The Neon Products Inc. sign manufacturing company was the only other competitor that made similar neons signs.

The Lackner Sign Co. produced many advertising signs for various breweries like Yuengling’s, Flock, Kaiers, Horlacher, Beth Uhl, Tannhauser, Latrobe Rolling Rock, Ruppert Knickerbocker, Bruck’s, Fox, Red Top, Buckeye, Miller, Apex, and Hudepohl just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Lackner Signs:

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