Brooklyn, NY / Waterbury, CT
The Lumin-Art Display Corp was established in 1937 in Brooklyn, NY. During that time they managed to make a name for themselves for producing eye-catching and graphically pleasing advertising lighted signs.  The more popular styles of these signs were box lighted with reverse-painted glass that lit up from the inside as well as other box lights with die-cut metal letters and neon tube letters.

The only sign manufacturing competitor that made similar neon lettered signs during that time was Colonial Neon Co. Inc. located in North Bergen, NJ.

Various breweries from across the county took a liking to these signs and hired Lumin-Art Display Corp to produce signs for them.  The Lumin-Art Display Corp Sign Company made various beer signs for breweries like Iron City, Ruppert Knickerbacher, Piels, Hanley’s, Miller, and Gunther as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Lumin Art signs:

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