217 East Elm Street, Lima, OH
The Neon Products Inc. neon sign manufacturing company was founded in 1930 in Lima, OH by Sam Kamin and James Howenstine.  That particular area of Ohio was booming with sign manufacturers at the time including ArtKraft and Ohio Advertising Display Company just to name a few. NPI also had sales offices in New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

The Neon Products Inc company was famous for creating art deco style neon clocks and rectangular etched glass signs outlined and back-lite with colored neon tube in an art deco style case.  The made signs for breweries, wineries, dairies, automotive, printing, refrigeration, and soda companies just to name a few. The Lackner Sign Company located in Cincinnati, OH was the only other competitor that made similar neons signs.

The Neon Products Incorporated Neon Sign Company eventually ceased operations and closed on May 31, 1977.

The Neon Products Inc. neon sign company created beer signs for various breweries like Yuengling’s, Esslinger, Neuweiler, St. Mary’s, Flock, Yuengling, Catasauqua, Zieglers, Diamond Spring Ale, Narragansett, Miller, Budweiser, and Griesedieck Bros. just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Neon Products Inc. Signs:

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