New Haven, CT
The New Haven Clock Company was established in 1853 by Hiram Camp located in New Haven, CT.  The New Haven Clock Company started out by producing inexpensive brass clock movements for use in clocks made by the Jerome Manufacturing Company, located nearby. At this time, the Jerome Manufacturing Company was producing more than 400,000 clocks and timepieces per year.

During World Wart II The New Haven Clock Company uses its manufacturing plant to aid in the war effort, producing products almost exclusively for military use. In 1946 they returned to making clocks and watches; around that time too they changed their name to The New Haven Clock & Watch Company.

By 1960 The New Haven Clock and Watch Company shutdown production and closed.

After prohibition ended in 1933 various breweries from across the country contracted New Haven Clock Co. to produce advertising clocks. These clocks were used to advertising both the brewery as well as their products of beer, ale, and porter.  These clocks were known as New Haven Electric Clocks were made of reverse-pianted white glass and milk glass faces, electric movements, backlit lights, and gray cone-shaped metal body, sometimes even being mounted into wooden boxes. New Haven Electric Clocks were well made, very large, and round in shape.

The New Haven Clock Company made various New Haven Electric Clocks for breweries like Graupner, Barbey’s Inc., Sunshine, Rolling Rock, Latrobe, Liebert & Obert, L&O, Manayunk, Prager Atlas, Kings, and Piels just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of New Haven Electric Clocks:

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