Coshocton, OH
The Novelty Advertising Company located in Coshocton, OH was founded in 1895 by company founder William Shaw. Shaw started the Novelty Advertising Company after leaving his previous position as a production partner for the Tuscarora Advertising Company which was the very first promotional products company in the world.

The company incorporated in 1900 to coincide with our move into our current building. Many of the products manufactured including metal signs and trays, hats, blankets, calendars, rulers, flyswatters, and thermometers for various companies and industries. The Novelty Adv Co. is still in business to this day and is considered America’s Oldest Promotional Products Distributor.

The Novelty Advertising Co produced a wide variety of trays, lithographs, and signs for breweries like Lion Brewing Company, Gibbons Brewing Company, Leisy Brewing Company, Detroit Brewing Company, and Kansas City Breweries Co. just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Novelty Advertising Co. trays and signs:

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