Chicago, IL
The P. Pause & Company was established in the late 1800’s and was located in Chicago, IL. P. Pause and Company specialized in making large and elaborate brilliant, chipped, and embossed glass sign. The signs that Pause Company was most well known for were known as illuminated drum signs.  These Pause and Co.  illuminated drum signs were cylinder shaped with a metal body and reverse painted and chipped glass often with gold and silver leaf lettering.  They also made reverse-painted curved corner vitrolite-style glass signs as well.  The vitrolite-style signs would have been displayed on a post or corner of the building outside of establishments like taverns and hotels.

Various breweries took a liking to the signs that P. Pause & Company were producing and contracted them to make signs to advertise both their brewery as well as the products that they made. The P. Pause & Company made various signs for breweries like Stegmaier, Lebanon Valley, Lauer, Muhlenberg, Deppen, Lauer, Duluth, Moose, Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Hamms, Blatz, Becker, and Schlitz just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of P. Pause & Co. signs:

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