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The PAM Clock Co. Inc. was founded in 1947 in Brooklyn, NY by Walter Pam.  They produced mainly point-of-sale clocks and signs for various companies and products; the first PAM clocks were produced in 1949.  The PAM Clock Company’s advertising clocks and thermometers were utilized the best as promotional advertising signs from the early 1940s to the early-1970s. The company’s distinctively designed backlit graphics advertised products ranging from milk, soft drinks, and beer to gas and motor oil, vehicles, spark plugs, bread, shoes, and medicines to name a few. Even Coca Cola, Orange Crush, and ICEE had clocks and signs produced from the PAM Clock Company. The PAM Clock Company eventually closed in 1983.

Pam advertising clocks were crafted in aluminum bodies and unique reverse painted glass faces which came in a variety of shapes and sizes from round to square and diamond shapes. Unfortunately over time; the graphics on the reverse painted faces would get baked and crackle due to the heat of high watt bulbs used to light these signs. Finding clean crisp original faces from these signs are very hard to find these days.  Ideally owners should use 15 watt bulbs or less to light these signs; or until recently LED bulbs work the best as they don’t give off any heat when lit.

PAM Clock Company produced advertising clocks and thermometers for various Pennsylvania breweries like Old Reading, Reading Premium, Pale Reserve, Sunshine, Duquesne, Du Bois, Valley Forge, Eagle, Kaiers, Yuengling, and Neuweiler.

Below are a few examples of PAM Clocks & Thermometers:

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