1225 Old Lancaster Pike, Sinking Spring, PA
Permanent Sign & Display Company produced various brewery and beer advertising signs from the 1930’s till they closed in 2005. The mainly made TOC Signs also known as Tin Over Cardboard signs in which graphics were printed on metal then wrapped around a cardboard backer for strength and durability.  They made TOC signs to be displayed to advertise various beers and breweries; as well as chalkboard beer signs that would serve as advertisements for the bars for the specials as well as a small area of graphic to advertise the beer and brewery.

When the company closed in 2005 they had and auction on premise and sold off a lot of new-old stock vintage signs.  This filled the market with plenty of top on-grade premium sign as well as a few that were previously unknown.

They made signs for many old Pennsylvania breweries like Old Reading, Reading Premium, Barbey’s, Sunshine, Deppen, F&S, Esslinger, Mount Carmel, Mount Carbon, Yuengling, Gibbons, Bushkill, Black Eagle, Scheidt’s, Valley Forge, Stegmaier, Ballantine, and Hamms as well as many others.  

Below are a few examples of Permanent signs:

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