New York, NY
The Perser Corporation sign manufacturing company was established by Ernest Draper in 1930 located in New York, NY. During that time, Perser Corp made a name for themselves for their patented “Depth-O-Graph” lighted signs via the Perser Corporation.

The Perser Corporation’s Depth-O-Graph was way ahead of it’s time and made the advertising on the sign appear almost three-demential with a dynamic animation effect when lit.  The signs work with multiple semi-transparent images layered to create a 3D illusion. Some of these depth o graph signs were made to have interchangeable graphic reverse-painted glass panels that would be changed out with different advertising and messaging similar to the upper panner of the Old Reading Bock Beer lighted sign pictured below.

The Perser Corporation made various depth-o-graph lighted signs for breweries like Old Reading, Flocks, Yuengling, and Pickwick as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Perser Corp. signs:

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