400 9th St, Monaca, PA
The Phoenix Glass Company began operations in a newly constructed plant on August 5, 1880 in Monaca, PA.  Phoenix Glass Co. was founded by Andrew Howard and originally made flint chimneys, shades, artistic vases, and fine china. In the early 1900’s they began creating advertising signs for various industries and companies. Among these new customers were breweries looking for attractive and eye-catching glass signs to promote their beer and products.  Phoenix Glass Company began manufacturing lighted signs with interchangeable glass graphic lenses that would fit over a white milk glass body. On July 11, 1933 they were able to secure a patent for this style of sign; Pat. No. 1917672.

In 1970 Phoenix Glass became a division of the Anchor Hocking Glass Company, then was sold to the Newell Group in 1987. The company is still in business to this day just operating under a different name.

The Phoenix Glass Company made various glass signs for breweries like Bushkill Brewery, Deppen Brewery, Du Bois Brewery, Koehler Brewery, Moose Brewery, Iroquois Brewery, Renner’s Brewery, Crockery City Brewing Company, and Yough Brewery as well as a few others.

Below are a few examples of Phoenix Glass Co. signs:

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