Pittsburgh, PA
The Pittsburgh Outdoor Advertising Company was established by Mr. William Hough in 1934 located in Pittsburgh, PA.  The Pittsburgh Outdoor Adv Co was most well known making large embossed porcelain enamel signs.  They were able to establish a patent on their sign designs with a patent number 2029567 and was patented on Feb. 4, 1936. They also made a variety of large outdoor billboard sign displays for various induces and companies across the country.

Among the major industries were breweries; it was breweries across the country who took a liking to what Pittsburgh Outdoor Adv. Co. could produce to advertising their products and breweries on large porcelain enamel signs.  Pittsburgh Outdoor Adv Co made signs for breweries like Barbey’s, Sunshine, Esslinger, Adam Scheidt, Duquesne, Berghoff, and Centlivre just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Pittsburgh Outdoor Advertising Company beer and brewery signs:

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