Chicago, IL
Raymond M Price Associates FactoryThe Raymond M. Price & Associates was established in 19xx by Mr. Raymond M. Price located in Chicago, IL.  The Raymond M. Price & Assoc. was most well known for designing and manufacturing lighted advertising signs for various companies and industries across the county. Raymond M. Price and Associates manufactured a multitude of lighted and non-lighted styles of signs like Halo Signs, Cash register signs, cash register clocks, and reverse painted glass hanging signs. The only other major competitor of Raymond M. Price & Associates that designed and produced similar advertising signs like halo, bar back, clocks, and cash register signs was a company called Price Brothers Inc. located in Chicago, IL.

Among the most well known signs produced by Raymond Price Associates were signs for a lot of mid-west breweries.  These breweries hired Raymond M. Price Associates to produce “bar back” style lighted and non-lighted signs to advertise both the brewery as well as the products that they were selling.  Among these breweries were Anheuser Busch, Budweiser, Michelob, and Pabst just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Raymond M. Price & Associates signs:

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