Attleboro, MA
The Robbins Company was established by Charles Robbins in 1892 located in Attleboro, MA.  Robbins Co. began as a jewelry manufacturing company and later became known for manufacturing badges and medallions.  Among the most well known of badges and metals were for the Military, NASA, and the Olympics.

In 1935 a law was passed in the United States that required all breweries to visually mark what beers were on tap in bars and distributors.  Robbins was one of the first manufacturer of tap markers (more commonly known as beer ball tap knobs) for many breweries across the country. The knobs that Robbins produced were made of porcelain enamel faces mounted on chrome metal ball bodies; all stamped on the back of the stem with the Robbins Co trademark name.

Various breweries from across the country hired Robbins to make ball tap knobs for them. Breweries like Old Reading, Sunshine, Boyertown, Kaiers, Gibbons, Lions, Mount Carbon, Chester, Deppen, Supreme, Iron City, Stegmaier, Valley Forge, Adam Scheidt, Fauerbach, West Bend, Kingsbury, Peoples, Acme, Trommers, Alt Heidelberg, Hamms, Leinenkugel, Schlitz, Pabst, Blatz, and Anheuser Busch just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Robbins Company beer ball tap knobs:

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