Buffalo, NY
The Rodwell Sign Company was established by George Rodwell around 1895 located in Buffalo, NY. The Rodwell Sign Company had various patented designs for signs that they invented and produced.

Some of the most well known Rodwell Sign Co. signs were curved glass corner signs and reverse-painted glass with gold and silver embossed / debossed foil lettering. Many of the signs were made using just single color black with reversed out lettering and / or graphics where the gold and silver leaf could show through. During that time the only other competitor of similar signs was a company called Meyercord Company located in Chicago, IL who was known for their vitrolite milk glass signs.

Many industries across the country took a liking to what advertising signs Rodwell Sign Co could produce.  Industries like candy makers, ice cream / dairy, cigar makers, whiskey makers, distillers, and breweries contracted Rodwell Sign Company to have advertising signs made for them.  Breweries however were one of the biggest clients for Rodwell Sign Company.

Rodwell Sign Co. made curved and flat reverse-painted glass signs for various breweries and brewing companies across the country like Barbeys Inc., Sunshine, Deppen, Lauer, Muhlenberg, Joseph Haefner, Pottstown, Lebanon, Yuengling, Utica, New England, Hamms, and Eagle as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Rodwell signs:

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