Brooklyn, NY
The Thomas Jones Glass Company was established by Thomas Jones in the early 1900’s era located in Brooklyn, NY. They also went under the name of The Thomas Jones Decorative Glass Company or Thomas Jones Dec. Glass Co. for short. The Thomas Jones Glass Co. was a manufacturer of ornate and detailed reverse-painted glass signs for various industries across the country.

These signs were made of reverse-painted and gold / silver leafed gilded glass signs mounted in ornate cast metal, resin, or carved wooden frames often gilded in gold or silver as well. Among the clients and industries that hired Thomas Jones Dec. Glass Co. were distilleries, wine makers, general stores, pharmacies, tobacco companies, cigar makers, and breweries just to name a few.

At the time, the only other local competition that was producing similar signs to Thomas Jones Company was manufacturers like Dawes Manufacturing Company Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA, Cincinnati Sand Blast Company located in Cincinnati, OH, and Western Sand Blast Manufacturing Company located in Chicago, IL.

Various breweries hired Thomas Jones Glass Company to produce glass signs to advertise bother the brewery as well as the products of beer, ale, and porter.  Some of these clients were breweries like Yuengling, Lion, Gibbons, Stegmaier, Bergner & Engel, Trommers, Olympia, and Orange just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Thomas Jones Glass Co signs:

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