Chicago, IL
The Veribrite Sign Company was established in 1915 in Chicago, IL.  The Veribrite Sign Co. made a name for themselves as a manufacturer of porcelain enamel signs and advertising for various companies across the United States.  Some of the famous companies that they made signs for included Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7 UP, Ford, Bell Systems, Phillips 66, Greyhound Lines, and John Deere just to name a few.

Breweries also took a liking to what Veribrite Sign Co. could produce to advertising their products. Veribrite Sign Company made a variety of porcelain enamel signs; among the most popular being curved porcelain “corner” signs and large outdoor “swinger” box signs sometimes wrapped and lettered in neon.

However, by 1965 the Veribrite Sign Company could not keep up with competition in an already saturated Chicago advertising company market and had to shut down operations and closed it’s doors for good.

The Veribrite Sign Company made various porcelain enamel signs for breweries like Philadelphia Brewery, Leinenkugel, Miller, Kingsbury, Storz, Heilemans, Hamms, and Blatz as well as many others.

Below are a few examples of Veribrite Sign Co signs:

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