vitrolite logoChicago, IL
The Vitrolite sign was made by The Meyercord Co. located Chicago Illinois around the early 1900’s era. Vitrolite signs are made of curved milk glass with a metal tubular frame; later even having a light in the back to back-lite the sign.  The graphics would be painted on the face of the vitrolite sign with the company’s logo or advertisement.  They also made flat milk glass signs in wooden and metal frames as well as painted wooden signs too.

Various companies used these signs to promote their company brand and products; among those companies were breweries, cigar makers, whiskey and spirit distillers, dairies, and forges just to name a few. They would have been displayed on the walls, on posts, and behind the counters of retailers who carry the companies products.

Many breweries took a liking to the The Meyercord Company Inc. signs during that time and had many signs created to promote their brewery and products. Breweries like Reading Brewing Company, Deppen Brewing Company, Barbey’s & Sons Inc., Elk Run Brewing Co., Columbia Brewing Co., Punxsutawney Brewing Co., Mellet & Nichter, Dubois Brewing Co., Reiker Brewing Co., Fink Brewing Co., Kittanning Brewing Co., John Walter & Co., Cumberland Brewing Co., Beverlyck, Hudepohl Brewing Co., Schell, Gluek Brewing Co., Dick Bros. Brewing Co., Muessel Brewing Co., Fauerbach Brewing Co., Stark-Tuscarawas Breweries Co., Star Brewing Co., Bavarian Brewing Co., Bartels Brewing Co., Ruder Brewing Co., Pabst Brewing Co., Schmidts Brewing Co., Lemp Brewing Co., Empire Brewing Co., and Glencoe Brewing Co. just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Vitrolite signs:

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