Chicago, IL
The Western Sand Blast Manufacturing Company was established in 1876 located in Chicago, IL.  Western Sand Blast Mfg Co was most well known for the production of glass advertising signs for various companies and industries across the country.  Western Sandblast specialized in detailed glass signs made of mirrored chipped glass and reverse painted glass.  They made a variety of signs in different shapes as well like rectangular and round convex lens signs.  The only other competitors of this style of reverse painted and chipped glass signs were companies like Dawes Manufacturing Company and Wells & Hope Company.

Among the prominent industries that hired Western Sand Blast Manufacturing Company to produce sign for their products were breweries.  Breweries from across the country contacted Western Sand Blast to produce eye-catching glass signs to advertise both the brewery as well as the products they sold. Western Sandblast Company produced signs for various breweries like Stegmaier Brewing Company and Peter Hand Brewing Company just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Western Sand Blast Manufacturing Company signs:

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