Here is a Scheidt’s Valley Forge Beer Lighted Sign from the Adam Scheidt Brewing Company located in Norristown, PA.  This Scheidt’s Valley Forge Beer Lighted Sign is from the 1930’s era and is in excellent condition for it’s age. It does have a few minor chips in the glass but other then that it is in near mint condition.

The Scheidt’s Beer Sign was made by the Gillco Glass Sign Company located in Philadelphia, PA.   The Gillco sign is is approximately 16″ X 6″ and is made of a reverse-painted glass face mounted in an art decor-stylized chrome banded, backlit, and metal body.

The story I got on this Scheidt Beer Gillco Sign was it was from a local corner bar located in the northern coal regions of Mahanoy City, PA.  Signs like this one would have been displayed on the bar back of taverns to advertising Scheidt’s Beer.  Valley Forge Beer was a generalized style of beer that the Adam Scheidt’s Brewery produced from 1890 up until the brewery closed in 1965.

There is actually another variation for this Adam Scheidt’s Beer Lighted Sign.  It’s the same colors and style sign except the glass graphic reads “Rams Head Ale” in block letters. I am actively looking for that variation of sign to add to my personal collection.