314 Parkwood Street, Kalamazoo, MI
The American Sign Corp was established in 1926 located in Kalamazoo, MI.  Most well known for making large outdoor lighted advertising signs. The large sign that the American Sign Corporation made at the time were unlike any other advertising signs produced during the time.  The signs were made up of 2 single sided tin, copper, or porcelain enamel sign skins mounted on a backlit box / can with mounting hooks. The signs usually had die-cut lettering with white milk glass letters mounted to the sign skins.

They made a variety of large lighted signs for various industries and companies like Breweries, Dentists, Funeral Parlors, Pharmacy Drug Stores, Gas and Service Stations, Dairy, Barber Shops, Hardware Stores, Candy Stores, Restaurants, Garages, Tailors, Marx Clothing, Victor Talking Machine Company (aka Victrola), Florsheim Shoes, Good Year Tires, Firestone, Chevrolet, Dolly Madison Ice Cream, National Ice Cream, Hudson, and Philco Radio Shops just to name a few.

Breweries across the country took a liking to what the American Sign Corporation was producing and decided to contract them to make large sign to both advertise the brewery as well as there beer.  Among there breweries were F&S, Fuhrmann & Schmidt, D. G. Yuengling, Kuebler, Yuengling’s, Ortliebs, Adam Scheidts, Schmidt, and Anheuser Busch just to name a few.

Eventually the American Sign Corp. stopped production and closed in 1939.

Below are a few examples of American Sign Corp signs:

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