Pittsburgh, PA
The Gabinus A. Gill Company was established by Gabinus A. Gill on September 7, 1920 located in Pittsburgh, PA. Gabinus A. Gill Co. was most well known as a manufacturer of back-lit box signs with reverse painted glass graphics.  They produced light signs for various companies and industries across the country including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Harley Davison, Ford, Chevrolet, Champion, and Mercury Outboard just to name a few.

The signs that Gabinus A. Gill Company produced were made of reverse-painted and lightly corrugated glass panels mounted in an art deco stylized box.  Most were single sided and meant to be displayed on back counters and bar backs , while others were double sided and meant to be hung from chains on the ceiling to advertise products and services. The only other competing sign manufacturers that were producing signs similar to Gabinus was companies like Neon Products Inc. located in Lima, OH and Ohio Advertising Display Company located in Lima, OH

Breweries across the country also took a liking to what Gabinus A. Gill Company was producing and decided to contract them to make lighted signs to promote both their brewery as well as the beer that they produced.  Just some of the brewers that Gabinus Gill Co. made signs for were breweries like Old Reading, Sunshine, Yuengling, Northampton, Neuweiler, Mt Carmel, Mount Carbon, Bavarian, Horlacher, Iron City, Tech, Fort Pitt, Duquesne, National Bohemian, and Blatz just to name a few.

Below are a few examples of Gabinus A. Gill Co. Signs:

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