Allentown, PA
lf grammes sons grammes incThe Grammes Inc. was established by Lewis F. Grammes in 1875 located in Allentown, PA.  Grammes Inc was most well known for manufacturing production machinery, printing presses, advertising signs and trays.

The kind of signs that they made during the time consider of TOC (Tin-Over-Cardboard) signs, beer serving trays, and tip trays. The only competition in the area that made similar TOC signs to what Grammes Inc was producing at the time was a company named Permanent Sign and Display Company located in Reading, PA and Bastian Brothers Company located in Rochester, NY

Various east coast breweries took a liking to what Grammes was producing at the time and hired them to make TOC and trays to promote both their brewery as well as their products.  Just some of the breweries were Reading, Deppen, Sunshine, Barbeys Inc., Columbia, Mount Carmel, Metzger, Mt Carbon, Yuengling, Standard, Stegmaier, Daeufer Lieberman, Seitz, Northampton, Tru Blu, and Neuweiler just to name a few.

Eventually the company closed in the late 1960’s era due to lack of business.

Below are a few examples of Grammes Inc. signs and trays:

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